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Calderdale is situated in West Yorkshire, between Manchester and Leeds. It is one of the smaller Metropolitan Districts in terms of population size but covers an area of 363 sq km with a population density of around half of the West Yorkshire average. The largest town, Halifax, accounts for almost half of the population, and is very close to Bradford and Huddersfield. Much of the rural west of the district consists of the upland moors of the South Pennines, broken by narrow steep valleys, and containing the towns of Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. To the south and east of Halifax are the towns of Brighouse, Elland and Rastrick. The topography of the district has an important bearing on development opportunities within the district, in particular the limitations on large, flat sites for business or other activities.

A Profile of Calderdale

The district has an attractive mixed urban/rural character with areas of outstanding landscape beauty, a variety of urban centres and a rich heritage in its architecture and public buildings. It is adjacent to the M62 motorway and has good rail links with larger cities in West Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Since the late 19th century, textiles gradually became less important and in recent years, many of the traditional industries have experienced decline. However, Calderdale still retains an important manufacturing base, but service industries have shown the strongest growth, particularly in financial and business services. The continuing development of a mixed economy and the gradual acceptance of the value of service sector jobs have protected Calderdale from the worst effects of economic change and offset the decline of textiles and associated manufacturing industry in the area.

In recent years, many old industrial premises have been refurbished and new uses found for them as homes for high-tech or start-up companies, or established firms looking for additional space and in some cases new housing developments. Tourism also plays an important role in the well being of the Calderdale economy, with the conversion of former mill sites into popular tourist attractions and recreational pastime activities for local residents.

The Calderdale landscape has once again provided the energy for a new industry, wind generated power, just as it did with water in centuries past. Wind Farms are located at Ovenden Moor, Halifax and on the top of the hills in Todmorden, they can be seen from miles around.

(extract from Calderdale Forward - November 2006)

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Employment and Population figures (Yorkshire Forward)
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